David C. Stewart Fine Artist

Purple Iris and Hydrangeas
Sunflowers with Kuba Textile
Composition w/ Orange, Purple & Red

Blue Hydrangeas
Peonies and Tibetan Cloisone
Gold Ranunculas
Siena and Peonies
Caribbean Splendor
Reclining Buddha

Protectors of Spirit
Green Hydrangeas and Chinese Ladies
Flowering Quince and Jade Bead
Protectors of Spirit

Portrait of Artist
Homage to Klee
Emperor Ming-Huang's Flight to Shu

Melon with Grapes
The Red Snapper
Ballerina Roses

Orchid and Tibetan Prayer Bead
Burgundy Peonies and Tapestry
Dahlias with Quince and Faience


David C. Stewart Studio
PO Box 3046
Asheville, NC, 28802 USA
phone 828-258-0511